The services of an agency for the cost of a freelancer

Don't get us wrong, agencies are great. But for fledgling businesses or simple projects, they can often be cost-prohibitive. And we love freelancers. But they tend to stay in their lane, handling one aspect of your project and one aspect only. But what happens when your project requires web design and social media content? What if you want a better understanding of your market and you want that translated into compelling advertising? Well, you contact us and we take care of it. We're equipped to handle all of your communications, marketing and design needs.


The Team

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Daniel Campagna

Chief Creative

Dan is what happens when creativity meets analysis. He's a designer in love with data. A storyteller who can see the big picture while still paying close attention to the details. With over a decade of experience working for non-profits, higher education, and the private sector, Dan's knowledge of marketing across industries is uniquely profound.

A former actor and comedian, he's not nearly as funny as he thinks he is.


Christina Gustafson

Lead Marketer

Christina boasts nine years of increasingly complex marketing, communications, and project management experience in a diverse array of mediums, including digital, print, and social media. Her expertise spans the full life-cycle of marketing campaigns, with a focus on brand strategy, copywriting, and market positioning. When not behind the marketing desk, she can usually be found at the beach, swimming for her Masters team, and getting way too worked up about college football. 



Scott O'Gara

Lead Designer

Since his formative years, Scott has lived deep within the arts world, working on countless projects with other visual artists, musicians, and filmmakers. In his spare time, he has also worked as a teacher, researcher, and a data manager in the non-profit world. This unique combination of skills culminates in visuals that expertly synthesize and communicate larger messages, while also provoking the viewer to actually feel something.

When he’s not working or sleeping, he likes to design board games and draw comics about gay stormtroopers.