Client: OutWOD
Agency of Record: Campagna Creative
Art Direction: Daniel Campagna
Copywriting: N/A

In 2015, OutWOD was a fledgling nonprofit, raising money for LGBTQ organizations through CrossFit competitions in Los Angeles and New York.

The client wanted to make a T-shirt from their logo that would be distributed to competitors as a thank you for the (literal) sweat the poured out for the cause. Unfortunately, OutWOD’s current logo was cobbled together from clipart and needed a refresh before anything could be done.

We simplified and streamlined, creating scalable vector artwork for various uses. The Olympic barbell became the focal point of the logo, due to its prevalence in CrossFit. We added a rainbow gradient, a nod toward the LGBT community and a stylistic highlight of the design.

The finished product was wildly popular and the new, streamlined logo was used for future OutWOD events with different colors and applications. The competitions expanded to multiple cities with the new logo effortlessly keeping pace.