“The best part about working with Dan, of all the other best parts that include his being a terrific designer and a true turnaround magician, is that Dan is just a flat-out talented digital producer: ingenious, resourceful, original, and did I mention reliable? Here's the other thing, Dan knows the creative as well as the business. You want to talk concept, he gets it. ROI, he's there too. Sure, everyone is supposed to be everything, but at the enterprise level, no. Newbies don't know that stuff. Oldies don't care to. Dan always does.”

Victoria Shaun
Social Media Manager, CareMore Health

“Daniel put together a comprehensive marketing plan for my website BeastScore.com. I was blown away by his understanding of our product and the way he captured the direction we wanted to go with the marketing. Just as great as the ideas were the way in which they were presented with attractive charts and easy to follow plan.”

Jason Heidecker
CEO, BeastScore.com

“Daniel came on board the Cracked.com book project during the home stretch in its development, so the clock was ticking. As Art Director, I found that I could easily trust Daniel to make anything look great and to run with experimental ideas and make them work in ways I hadn't imagined! It was remarkable! 

Collaborating together was honestly one of the highlights of making that book. His professionalism, understanding and attention to detail all made everything a lot easier for myself and the entire team. In short, if there are any limits to his talent, we never saw them!”

Randall Maynard
Art Director, Cracked.com

“I have worked at agencies ranging from Chiat-Day to DDB-Needham creating award winning campaigns for clients ranging from Apple to Coca-Cola. Dan has all the ability and talent to be a top level player in any creative profession. But there is something else about Dan that is either equally or even more impressive than his talent. Dan is an extraordinary human being of great integrity. He works hard, diligently and is always on time on his delivery.”

Gary Wexler
CEO, The Red Table
Adjunct Professor, University of Southern California

“Daniel Campagna created a website and a logo for our podcast. He gave us an unbeatable rate and his work has been punctual and perfect. It's always a gray area trying to explain what you want something to look like that doesn't yet exist but Dan is patient and great at cutting through the noise to determine what you actually want.”

Soren Bowie
Host, Quick Question podcast